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Do you meet difficulties in communicating in English, German, French, or Italian, in your everyday life, when you travel, or in your work, in talking to your business partners, or in understanding work-related texts (technical, juridical or financial language)?

Do you want an instructor just for yourself, at home or at your office? Do you need specialised training personnel, who is able to organise and hold foreign language courses for almost all European languages? Are you looking for foreign language instructors for your company’s team?

Do you need communication in foreign languages when in contact with your foreign clients and work colleagues? Trainings in the business language (for business meetings, presentations, phone calls)? Do you want to learn a foreign language for work purposes, or for your personal development?

Do you want a foreign language teacher just for your daughter or son? At your private residence or even in the child’s playing environment?

Arvay Educational meets your needs and comes up with the right solutions!

Starting from 1997, the members of our team have succeeded in building a reputation in working with numerous families, teenagers, children, or business persons. In 2006 and the following years, we have also focused on offering courses to companies, through course programs dedicated to learning foreign languages and assimilating both the general, all-purpose vocabulary, and the specialised business, technical, juridical or banking language. The achievements of the Arvay Educational course attendants, new, as well as old, owe a lot to the fact that, from the very beginning, we have been laying a great emphasis on being aware of our customer’s needs, of the specificity of their businesses, on organising continuous and intensive courses, based on modern teaching methods and compact contents.

Courses for grown-ups – companies or individuals

We support efficient communication in your company, using motivating methods: practicing real business cases and situations, presentations, business meetings and reunions. Our teachers propose applications designed to improve both the all purpose vocabulary – exercises, games, dialogues – and the specialised language: debates, reports, presentations, professional letters.

By promoting communication in foreign languages at work, we have managed to ensure that our foreign language courses meet the European quality standards (see the COMMON FRAMEWORK OF REFERENCE). This applies both at the group courses (5-6 attendants) and at the individual courses. Most of the times, our programs are based on the specific vocabulary and the particular, concrete situations that the attendant might use or be confronted with at his or her work place (i.e., information regarding the company, phone calls, meetings, conferences, travelling abroad for business purposes).

Courses for children

We are glad when a junior registers for our courses and, thus, offers us the opportunity of growing and making progress together. Every teaching, education or instruction process involves the instructor, as well, as its object, and we would like to thank the 12 families that, during these more than 10 years, gave us the opportunity of working with their children. The little girl or little boy at that time has managed, since 1997, to grow up and develop into a beautiful flower, into a young lady who is glad to put passion in speaking a foreign language or a young gentleman who can trust himself to use it in every situation of his life.
Arvay Educational organises classes of English, German, French or Hungarian for children of all ages, both at the family’s private residence and at our own headquarters. The textbooks we use are all edited in countries where that language is spoken and contain material that addresses the child in a PERSONALISED way: games, short stories, drawings and pictures, songs, role playing games, short theatre pieces, audio cassettes and CDs. Their aim is to discover and activate the child’s PERSONAL learning style. Every child has its own learning style, some boys are more “mental”, passionate for computer games or contests in foreign languages, others like fighting sports or martial arts and can thus practice their vocabulary, learn new words or grammar structures. Girls are sometimes more quiet and find an emotional style more appropriate, they like to play the “princesses”, they love colours or music. Thus, our trainers choose a PERSONALISED and INTERACTIVE method for teaching foreign languages. Young female teachers, who speak English almost as a native speaker, can hold their courses at the family’s private residence. Among our teachers there is also a male trainer who usually teaches boys, since he also practices martial arts and can thus combine the two. We also have English teachers who can play musical instruments and can therefore teach English in a pleasant and artistic way. The choice of the child’s trainer is based on the compatibility between the teacher and the young attendant and is made after a 10-lesson trial period.

We hope for a fruitful future collaboration with every family, and we believe that your children will very soon show signs of good progress. 

Translation and Interpreting Services

Our translators and interpreters are professionals with a vast experience, and they generally hold degrees in other fields than foreign languages, too. We also hold the authorisations needed for undertaking authenticated translation jobs.

Do you need specialised (authenticated or simple) translations, into and from more than 10 languages? Do you want the services of professional translators, with 5-10 years of experience in translating economical, financial, banking, technical documents, or texts belonging to the field of financial or human resources consulting?

Are you looking for experienced interpreters for simultaneous and / or consecutive interpreting jobs at conferences, congresses, business meetings etc., into and from more than 10 foreign languages, in Romania or abroad?

Arvay Educational meets your needs and comes up with the right solutions!

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