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The Arvay Educational Team

Our teachers

puncte there are 60 teachers in our database, all of whom have graduated specialised departments of acknowledged universities; 10 of them are permanently active in 15 locations: Romanian and international companies, as well as private residences in Bucharest and other Romanian cities
puncte 15% of our trainers are native speakers of the languages they teach (Hungarian, German, English)
puncte all of our teachers and specialists are fully qualified and 100% professionals, they possess very good didactical skills and have significant experience in teaching foreign languages to children and grown-ups    

Since we are the partner of several companies in Bucharest, the efficiency of our communication and teaching in foreign languages is provided by our extensive experience, as well as by the opportunity we offer for some of our courses, where the foreign language teachers are native speakers of the languages they teach: English, German, Hungarian, Romanian. The key to our efficiency lies in paying a continuous attention to our partners’ expectations, profile and the nature of their jobs, as well as in adjusting our materials to their needs. This is what we expect from our teachers: possession of a university degree in the specific language they want to teach, thorough knowledge of the language, familiarity with the specific methods used in working with grown-ups or children, rigorous observation of deadlines, excellent communication abilities, team spirit. In order to ensure a professional teaching framework, we lay a great emphasis on recruiting our team members and training them further. We keep a rigorous account of our teachers’ work, we offer further training opportunities, and we thus make sure that the courses we offer are as useful as possible and that they lead to the desired outcomes. We are proud of our partners’ appreciation, and of the fact that they rely on our services and our team.
The main task of our teachers is not merely to teach, but, by integrating the newest interactive teaching methods, to mobilise the course attendants and to help them reach their potential and become fluent foreign language speakers. The most important product of a teacher’s months-, sometimes years-long effort is the independent COURSE ATTENDANT, who,  after overcoming his or her dependence on the teacher, can become a free and fluent foreign language speaker, without needing constant support anymore. Pupils, youngsters and adult course attendants are the focus of our activity. They do not totally depend on us, nor do we depend on them. They do not disturb our activity, they are simply its GOAL. They are not outside our activity, they are a part of it. We do not do them a favour teaching them, they are the ones who do us a favour, offering us the opportunity to fulfil and perfect our true teaching vocation: that of always striving toward excellence in foreign language communication, together with our course attendants!

Our office team

Beside administrative, organisation and managerial activities, our office team lays a great emphasis on recruiting and training our teachers, in order to ensure a professional teaching framework.  
We closely keep account of our teacher’s work and we make sure that the courses we offer are most effective and that they reach their goals. We are proud of our partners’ appreciation, and of the fact that they rely on our services and our team, which is made up of highly qualified university graduates, who also attended training programs and further qualification courses.

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