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Anna Tunde Arvay - Senior Teacher

capat rand 1999: graduate of the University of Bucharest, Department of Foreign Languages, specialized in Hungarian – English – Swedish
capat rand In her student years she was a replace teacher in the Economic High School "Virgil Madgearu" No.1 from Bucharest, at the same time giving private English lessons with children and later with adults 
capat rand 2000: Ministry of Justice, Department for Advertising, Public Notaries, Officers of the Court and Legal Advisers: authorized translator for Hungarian and English (authorization no. 2883)
capat rand 2000-2001: copy editor and translator: Regia Autonoma ”Monitorul Oficial” (Romanian Official Bulletin)
capat rand 2001-2002: external collaborator and from 2003- 2004: university tutor of English – Ministry of Internal Affairs – Police Academy “Alexandru Ioan Cuza”, Chair of Foreign Languages
capat rand Training courses organized by the British Council:
  1. 2002 Sinaia, ROMANIA: Teacher Training Course – „Classroom Management and Materials Development in English Language”
  2. 2003 SLOVENIA: „Teacher Development Course”, teacher training in Classroom Management,learner styles, skills work, learner-based teaching and classroom interaction sponsored by the Slovenian School for Foreign Languages in conjunction with the British Council
capat rand 2005 – 2006: External collaborator – courses of English for adults organized by International Computer School and www.juve.hu
capat rand 2006 – founding member of S.C. „Arvay Educational & Consulting”

Her personality: open, empathetic, people loving, enthusiastic about the education of children and adults, which is a fact proven through the continuous preparation of courses. She is self confident, dynamic, persuasive and has the ability to assert herself. She adapts flexibly to the expectations of the families whose children she is working with, to those of firms and course attendants as well as to changing requirements and conditions. She responds to the needs of course attendants but at the same time she is able to respect the curriculum. She radiates positive energy to those around her, she is a pleasant teacher. She keeps calm in unexpected situations, she has ideas, finds intelligent solutions that she politely communicates to the others. She is flexible and easily adapts to situations due to her spontaneity and impeccable professional qualifications.

As a teacher: she knows modern teaching methods for adults and actively uses them in her courses. She is open to new knowledge, creatively uses new materials published on the market. She can transmit her knowledge further successfully and with patience. She has good interpersonal abilities. She knows how to motivate her course attendants after getting to know their characters by applying creative teaching methods for adults.


We learn by Doing.

The ultimate GOAL should be
DOING your BEST…and 

Excellence = mc2= Motivation x Confidence2

Teachers open the door, but you must enter yourself

Ferencz  Ana - Experienced Trainer of Hungarian & Romanian Learners

2008 – 2010 – training as well as selecting and interviewing new teachers 

2010 – 2011 – Romanian language trainer for beginners and English for Juniors

2012 – 2014 – takes over other teachers’ courses and starts teaching Hungarian for beginners

2015 – present – has taught more than 20 active course participants and over 15 modules, 3 of her students achieved their target (a Romanian student was relocated to Hungary, two received the Hungarian Citizenship)  

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