About us
Arvay Educational was established by a family of Hungarians from Romania with a tradition of over 80 years of activity as teachers and educators in Transylvania. The vocation for teaching has been transmitted starting with 1920 from generation to generation, and in the year 2006 the educational centre was launched in Bucharest as a family business. At the beginning, the centre employed two humanities teachers: a teacher of foreign languages (translator and authorized interpreter) and a psychologist, as well as two teachers of natural science (Chemistry), two amateur musicians (piano and violin) and an instructor of martial arts (Jiu-Jitsu, Kempo – light style and full contact style). Later on, the business extended outside the family and the database of the company now includes more than 60 teachers, especially trainers of foreign languages, translators and interpreters.
This is how the centre offers solutions mainly in the field of communication in foreign languages, organising group educational programs for companies, or individual courses at home for children, adolescents or business people, in the following languages: English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Romanian etc., as well as authorized translations, interpreting, psychological counselling (for children, adolescents and adults), career consulting, classes of teaching psychology and pedagogy, psycho-pedagogical assistance (methodology) for instructors, teachers, parents, and courses of martial arts for groups.
Our organisation has dynamically evolved and has won the confidence of many firms through our programs of courses for communication in the field of business, law, banking and in the technical field. We have always focused on being aware of our customers’ needs, of the specificity of their business, on organising intensive and continuous courses, on making them better, on perfecting them. Our plan is to make the level of our education correspond to future challenges, not only in Romania, but also in the field of communication with the EU member states. We believe that language is the main vehicle that can bring our thoughts into the ears, hearts and minds of others. This is why our goal as a partner of Romanian companies, and especially companies from Bucharest, is to offer solutions of training and language support for successful communication inside and outside the regions of Eastern Europe.

We hope to welcome you soon as students of Arvay Educational.