Personal consultancy and development

Alina-Gabriela Dospinescu - PSYCHOLOGIST-COUNSELLOR

capat rand graduated from the Ovidius University in Constanta, Faculty of letters, specialising in English Language and Literature - Romanian Language and Literature, and Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences;
capat rand she has a Helen Doron - English for All Children Certificate, which she obtained in March 2010; she has taught English using the Helen Doron method in the ENGLISH FOR ALL language centre in Constanta;
capat rand she has a Certificate issued in 2007 by the Family and Couples Therapy Association - she is a  Therapist specialising in Systemic Therapy - child, couple, family;
capat rand she has a Professional Translator Certificate for English, obtained in 1999; 
capat rand she has been working for Arvay Educational as a translator since 2007;
capat rand she is a trainer-counsellor in the art of femininity -
capat rand she is a psychologist-counsellor for the AEC management team.
 ZOLTÁN ISTVÁN MAROSY Consultant for the Arvay Educational team